Thursday, 28 February 2008

First conditional game

I'm working with my 2º ESO students the first conditional. In order to review and practise its construction, we have played an auction game. I found this idea in ESL café and I've tried to adapt it according to my students' needs. Thus, what I usually do is that I prepare some cards with different sentences (some are wrong and other right) and students in groups of 4 or 5 have to correct them. The idea is that every group has to bet before correcting the different sentences. Students have fun and at the same time we are learning. It's an activity that can be adapted to other grammar structures. I've even used it with 1st Bachillerato students in order to correct the mistakes of their writings.
It's an activity which requires little preparation and it can be adapted for all levels.
Have you found other interesting games that work with your students?


Norimaki said...

it is such a good activity ^^

Qureshi said...

Very good strategy to teach First Conditional Game.