Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Teaching the Past Simple

This course, I'm teaching 2º ESO and 4º ESO (PDC) students with a low level of the English Language.
This week, I'm starting a new unit with my 2º ESO students and it is about success stories and the grammar point we are dealing with is the past simple. In order to teach this tense what I usually do is that we practise it in class with different activities, they study the irregular verbs and we usually play some games like bingo, picture games, etc.

Depending on the level of the students, I also do a dictogloss activity. I tell them a story which happened to me and as they like gossiping they usually pay attention to it. Then, they can only write 5 or 6 clues in order to rewrite the story in groups of 4/5 students. You can't imagine the different versions that we have in class about the same story and at the same time we have fun.

I have prepared for my students a listening activity based on James Blunt song You're beautiful. Where we work with the past simple.

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